Thursday, April 30, 2015

Product Spotlight: Kevin.Murphy's Super.Goo

Men's styling for the spring/summer should be able to transition from the business week to a more relaxed weekend feel with ease. Achieve a more polished look with Kevin.Murphy's SUPER.GOO easily.
Apply SUPER.GOO to damp hair and blow dry into your desired style, you will have a pliable hold all day. Apply a finger tip of this rubberized product, comb thru hair with fingers or comb/brush into your desired style and then blow dry with vent brush. When blow-drying SUPER.GOO, it will mold to the style and will have lasting effect without a "gel" look.

Styled by Christina with Super.Goo
Super versatile, with this product you can achieve multiple looks. Use it to enhance curl and give hold to wavy and curly hair alike.  For a more relaxed weekend look, just apply a little bit to wet hair, comb or finger in and let dry naturally. Or add a finish with a little Kevin.Murphy's Knight Rider as well to give a more finished look.

Super.Goo Podcast from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

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