Monday, April 28, 2014

Rosie Says: Spring Skincare Regime Change

The time is now and with a little planing around your beach and lake trips, you will be fully prepped when it's tim to ull out skin bearing clothes.

The most popular waxing options for women include the underarms, arms, the bikini area and legs, while back waxing is a great option for men.

Consider hair length. Most suggest the hair be 1/4" long, I find it more helpful to just let it grow! Fight the urge before your first appointment to shave for 3-4 weeks.The one time extended growth period allows hair to grow evenly, which will give you a smoother, longer lasting wax from the start.

Be nice to your skin! Moisturizing and gentle exfoliation bi-weekly helping the follicle release easier promoting a smoother, longer lasting result.

I won't tell you it doesn't hurt, there will be some discomfort.  For relief take an over the counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen about an hour before appointment. If you have extra sensitive skin, take a short soad in Aveeno Oatmeal Bath after your appointment. Regular waxing is the best remedy though because hair softens as does sting!

Now have fun in the sun, with SPF protection of course!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Amy's Color Corner: Balayage and Ombré are HOT!

With summer just around the corner, our phones are ringing off the hook with clients looking to lighten up their locks! The hottest trends in hair fashion right now are balayage and ombré, both of which are perfect for summer. To be sure you get exactly what your looking for, know the difference in these two trends. 

Balayage is a form of highlighting that involves hand painting various sections of hair, very subtly at the root moving into more strength towards the ends. This is a very natural, sun kissed look that doesn't involve every strand. The grow out is soft and natural, and the effect is too.
Ombré is also a form of hand painting, similar to balayage, but it does involve every strand. All the ends are lightened from the tips to about midway up the strand. Very rarely will any color come near the roots of your hair except in the very front bang area. There is a pretty minimal grow out with this since you start out with a pretty natural/dark root area and the effect is very strong and fashion forward.

If your still not sure which way to go, be sure to bring in pictures of looks you like and a shine stylist can guide you in the best direction to suit your personal style. 

*as a side note, both of these techniques are advanced and are best left to an experienced, long time stylist. To correct a botched job is always difficult, time consuming and expensive. Moral of the story...leave it to the licensed professionals!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Hair Blues

Happy Friday to all of you Shine followers!  

I've been looking at weekend transitions online and to my suprise I'm finding that "weekend hair" doesn't necessarily change from "work week hair" as much as it used to.  

This Spring, the messy bun and messy updo seem to be the trend. and even though it may look simple enough, it can be a trial.  If it's not a challenge when putting it up, it could be come a challenge to keep it looking great throughout the night (a.k.a long trips to the bathroom to readjust the greatness of the messiness)

Kevin Murphy has a great solution to this... (pause for dramatic effect and shameless plug)... it called the Sewing.Kit!

I know what you're thinking... what the heck is a sewing kit doing in a salon??  Well, It's a new way to perfect and keep an updo going all weekend long by litterally sewing a style in.  

So this it my challege to you fellow Shiners...change it up for the weekend!  Get a little crazy and out of that comfort zone that we've snuggled oh so nice and tightly into!  

Here are some great examples!