Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Hair Blues

Happy Friday to all of you Shine followers!  

I've been looking at weekend transitions online and to my suprise I'm finding that "weekend hair" doesn't necessarily change from "work week hair" as much as it used to.  

This Spring, the messy bun and messy updo seem to be the trend. and even though it may look simple enough, it can be a trial.  If it's not a challenge when putting it up, it could be come a challenge to keep it looking great throughout the night (a.k.a long trips to the bathroom to readjust the greatness of the messiness)

Kevin Murphy has a great solution to this... (pause for dramatic effect and shameless plug)... it called the Sewing.Kit!

I know what you're thinking... what the heck is a sewing kit doing in a salon??  Well, It's a new way to perfect and keep an updo going all weekend long by litterally sewing a style in.  

So this it my challege to you fellow Shiners...change it up for the weekend!  Get a little crazy and out of that comfort zone that we've snuggled oh so nice and tightly into!  

Here are some great examples!

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