Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rosie Says: Men's Skin Care Is Important!

Hey guys, this month we are focused on your skin care needs. Although men traditionally spend less time on skin care, the benefits of a daily routine should not be ignored. These benefits include but don't stop at: a younger, more youthful appearance, healthier looking skin and smoother shaves.
Men's skin is different from women's and daily shaving can lead to inflammation.Higher testosterone levels lead to oilier skin that remains stronger later in life. However, as men age and hormone levels decrease the skin's ability to produce new and protect existing collagen is diminished.
A simple yet effective daily routine can include just a little more than cleansing and shaving. Sunscreen with broad spectrum protection should be applied liberally to the face and neck.By replacing that sunscreen with a nighttime moisturizer your routine can be complete. Washing your face at night is an important step considering environmental exposure throughout the day.
Whatever your age, if you are ready to step up your game, you can then add in a serum to help a particular challenge.Whether you are correcting an acne issue, ingrown whiskers or preventing wrinkles, adding a serum into the routine can make a world of difference.
The SKIN CARE SOLUTION FOR MEN trial size kit offers you a chance to try a 3-step system that will keep your skin calm, hydrated and healthy. Recommended daily products include THE TOTAL FACE AND BODY CLEANSER, TOTAL STRENGHTH SERUM, WEIGHTLESS PROTECTION BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 45 and REBALANCE MOISTURIZER.
We also offer some great treatments.The DETOX DEEP PORE TREATMENT purges the skin of blackheads leaving it purified and with a clearer complexion.The LINE MINIMIZING TREATMENT FOR MEN is effective in treating aging skin, pigment disorders, smoker's skin and photodamage.

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