Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rosie Says: PCA Chemical Peel

Are you ready to take your skin to the next level? Let’s talk about the PCA Chemical Peel.

Sure it’s a scary name but it has awesome results. Chemical peels are perhaps one of the most
misunderstood spa treatments out there, so I want to take some time to discuss what a chemical peel is and why you have nothing to fear.  In the end, you’ll love what they have to offer.

The topical application of acids is one of the most dependable and widely recognized methods of
improving the overall health and appearance of the skin. Advanced exfoliation can help you look
younger, reduce or eliminate skin imperfections such as sun spots and acne scars, and reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Numerous studies have shown that all chemical peel solutions
stimulate collagen. It can be simply said that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

The PCA peel is a blended acid peel. A blended acid peel modifies the intensity of the solution but not the results. The modification allows for monthly treatments which in turn promotes healthy cellular
turnover rates. One of the best things to know is that these treatments are beneficial for most, if not all skin types. Sensitive skin becomes healthier at the cellular level and therefore stronger and less reactive.

Additionally, topically applied products are able to absorb into the skin more effectively when it is properly exfoliated, allowing for accelerated results.

So, with all of these benefits and little or no downtime involved, let’s take your skin care to the next level.

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