Monday, October 26, 2015

Rosie Says: Shine This Holiday Season

Here it comes….the holiday season is fast approaching. It is a wonderful time of the year with celebrations galore.  While the goal most likely is to sparkle and shine, the added stress of longer lists and endless obligations can leave us feeling and looking worn out. Good skin does not typically come naturally; it tends to come along with dedication and following a good skin care routine without fail.

Before this ball gets rolling, let’s make a plan.

Start with the obvious….use a sunscreen such as PCA Perfecting Protection.

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. It zaps it of moisture, it makes it look old, it instigates wrinkles and lines, it causes dark spots and it just makes your skin look bad. You can pretty much bet that skin that looks healthy, young and fresh is being protected from the damaging effects of the sun every single day, regardless of the weather. If you forgo a good UVA and UVB sun protectant, you’re just asking for weathered-looking skin.

Get a good night’s sleep.

While we sleep, our skin is hard at work to repair and rejuvenate itself—and it does its best work at
night. Staying up too late impedes your skin’s normal functionality, which is why it can look tired, dull and puffy come morning. Plan around those parties and as much as you can, go to sleep at the same time and make sure you get at least eight hours. This will help keep your skin looking refreshed.

Use a retinol such as PCA Intensive Brightening Treatment 0.05% Retinol.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to use a retinol every single night to help slow the
aging process. Not only do retinols speed up cell turnover, but they also help to stimulate collagen
production for skin that’s plump, smooth and glowing.

Hydrate your skin with a moisturizer such as PCA Collagen Hydrator.

Hydration is one of the key components for great skin. If you don’t moisturize your skin (make sure to always use a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type and skin needs), your skin looks dry and lines and wrinkles can become accentuated. Well-hydrated skin allows for your makeup to go on that much smoother, too.

Visit your Aesthetician (that’s me) for a PCA Peel, Mask or Facial treatment

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, but with age, that process starts to slow down and your skin needs a little help. That’s where exfoliation comes in. Your aesthetician will do this by prescribing the best treatment for you to remove those dead skin cells. This is the key to skin that’s bright, evenly toned and able to properly reflect light.

Follow these simple steps and let yourself shine.

Till next time,

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