Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Amy's Product Pick: Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray

Kevin.Murphy's Hair.Resort.Spray is a great product for so many reasons, even in ways you might not imagine! The product was created to get beach waves in any length of hair, giving the beach-y look even when inland.

Hair.Resort.Spray is a foundation and finishing product with the flexibility of using on dry or damp hair and is infused with essential oils of tangerine, honey and orange for an amazing scent when used. 

Any length of hair can use Hair.Resort.Spray, it will give a subtle result when put in wet hair and will give strong results when applied to dry hair.  When using the product with damp hair, spray at the roots and blow dry it in to get amazing texture and volume. Fine hair, you can use it too! Spray a light layer evenly over length of damp hair to get the desired texture.  Even reactivate the look on the second day by spraying a light layer to dry hair! Use the product alone or in combination with other Kevin.Murphy products to create the exact texture you are looking for.

Kevin Murphy shows the versatility of Hair.Resort.Spray

Have you used Hair.Resort.Spray? Let us know what you think of Amy's product pick!

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