Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dustin's Summer Tips

Whether you're relaxing on a tropical beach, cruising the lake, stomping the pavement in the city or hanging in the mountains, summer opens up the door for new styles and opportunities! 

Summer Products to Swear By:

Want to enhance that beach wave? Throw Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray in your beach bag and spray in to the hair to have a natural and beautiful style throughout the day. 

Always spray a leave-in conditioner to shield and protect the midstrands and ends of hair from the natural damage that can happen from uv rays. It will also help prevent color from fading. 

           Kevin.Murphy Blonde Angel 

Blondes! Hair can get sunburnt just like skin! This may cause an unwanted golden/yellow tone to the hair. Kevin Murphy Blonde angel wash and rinse can bring u back to the color you loved when you walked out of the salon! This can also help our gorgeous natural gray and silver clients as well! 

Enhance Your Natural Summer Highlights! 
Twist and braid your hair, styling hair differently, giving each strand a different sun kissed shade. Try top knots, side buns, fishtail and french braids to create a natural ombré or ballyage effect. 


PROTIP: also avoid spray on sunscreen around the face as it can get in the hair and create really "unusual hair color" try traditional lotions or powder face sunscreen. 

Enjoy your summer! 

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